Beverly Farms, MA

OCTOBER 13, 2022

The Beach and its members enjoyed a dry but quiet hot summer during the 2022 season.  Operations returned to a more normal level after the Covid summer of 2020 and the further relaxation of rules and protocols imposed during the pandemic. 

The season was impacted by the hot weather which actually tampered down attendance some days.   

Sticker distribution built on the efforts of the past two seasons.  Non-resident sticker holders were once again mailed their stickers. Residents were provided the opportunity to provide residency information on-line and through their electronic devices.  There were the typical glitches proving residency but overall the process appears to be working as intended.  After proof of residency was established, residents were asked to visit the property on pre-determined dates to receive their sticker.  This process will be reviewed annually to look at potential enhancements.  Small sticker price increases were implemented for 2022.

No new non-resident stickers were issued during 2022 due to capacity issues that became problematic during the last few seasons.  This may be re-visited in later years.

Operationally, the season returned to pre-pandemic routines.  The Beach snack store was open from mid- June through Labor Day weekend.  Seaweed removal took place several times a week or as needed.  This is a major, but much, appreciated expense.  The Carry In Carry Out trash and recycling policy remains in effect and has proved to be popular with the membership.  

The Beach again had a dedicated staff for 2021.  Unlike several beaches in the area, West Beach enjoyed the return of a number of experienced lifeguards and had adequate coverage throughout the season.  The gate crew was an also an experienced group that proved to be quite informative and helpful according to our members.

Regarding projects for the season, the Beach updated the lighting and repaired doors in both bath houses.  Most major needs have been addressed during the last several seasons.  The Board again elected to line parking lot to maximize lot space. Also, the Beach was mindful of plovers nesting on adjourning properties.  

The Corporation monitored a legal situation regarding use of the Beach’s neighbor’s properties. Approximately 18 months ago the owners of 93, 97, and 101 West Street questioned the right of Beach members “passing and repassing” over their properties when walking to Prides and back.  Beach Attorney Tom Fallon reminded them in writing of a 1909 easement that allows for such use. There were no new developments but this will followed closely by the Board.  

Additionally, The City of Beverly Conservation Commission notified the Beach that a plan concerning the cleaning and raking of the property may need to be developed and filed with the appropriate authorities. This is related to the plovers that may be nesting within a ‘Priority Habitat of Rare Species”, next to, but not on, West Beach property.  No other Beach property in the City of Beverly has been requested to file a plan.  Beach attorney Tom Fallon is working with the City on this issue.  No further communication from the City has been received by the Beach as of the date of this report.  

The proprietary web site first established in 2020 continued to be used as a real communications tool.  Most member email addresses have been captured and outgoing emails were sent several times during the season to further communicate with the membership base.

Several events were maintained this season, namely the Christmas Tree burning, the kid’s T-shirt contest, and the Labor Day Sunday sand castle contest.  There was also a full schedule of 4th of July events including the aerial fireworks display.

The Corporation’s financial condition and reserves remain solid and sound.  Expenses have not exceeded revenues during the last several decades enabling the Corporation to build a substantial surplus over the years.  This surplus enabled the Corporation to weather the Covid storm.  

The Corporation’s Endowment Fund will continue to be managed by a professional investment firm, Boston Research and Management of Manchester, MA, owned by long time investment professional and Beverly Farms resident, Ray Stecker. 

The Board once again allowed limited members parties during the season which had been stopped due to Covid several years ago.  This included “Patti’s Plunge” for a Farms resident to help with medical expenses.  Brookwood School also used the Beach property for several classroom events.  And the 4th Committee used the property for fundraising cookouts and a twilight showing of the movie “Jaws”.

The Beach also donated to several charitable organizations in the area including the Beverly Farms Legion post, Beverly Bootstraps, and the River House/Life Bridge homeless center.

The Beach continued a real rebound from the difficulties of the  Covid pandemic.  Going forward the Board will continue to work for all members and beachgoers for a successful, 2023.

Patriot’s owner, Bob Kraft, once described the role of his franchise as being a custodian of a community asset.  Your Board looks at its role as a custodian of a community property first donated to the Farms-Prides community in 1852.

Respectfully submitted:

The Officers and Directors of West Beach Corporation
October 13, 2022




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