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Summer Season & July 2022 

The Beach is now officially open. All stickers have been issued and will be required for entrance from now through Labor Day, September 5. If you have questions about your sticker please email the Beach at

There will be a full schedule of 4th of July activities this year after a two year hiatus. This includes races for the younger set, musical entertainment, the shoreline illumination, and the ever impressive aerial fireworks display to be launched from a barge off the Beach. Please bear in mind that this is totally funded by private donations and your continued support is necessary if this tradition is to continue. Wristbands allowing access to the Beach on the 4 th will be available at the entry gate on most days during June and early July.


It is expected that there will be a T-shirt painting day later in the summer for the youngsters, probably in mid-August. Please Remember that all trash for 2022 will strictly be on a “Carry – In, Carry-Out” basis. Trash barrels are no longer on the property and what you bring in you’ll need to carry out. If not followed members are subject to losing their sticker. We have seen violations of this policy in the spring. Such behavior could result in revocation of all Beach privileges.


There may be additional messages or changes as the season unfolds. Please continue to check this site. If there are questions please send them to: Have a great summer beach season.


Annual Meeting Report

OCTOBER 7, 2021 

During 2021 a more normal Beach summer returned as the community worked its way through the many protocols and restrictions imposed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.   

Although procedures were contemplated for another summer of limited operations, the Board opted to open all lockers and proceed with normal parking lot activities.  The season started as usual in mid-June and continued until the typical Labor Day closing.  Bathrooms in both bathhouses were open and cleaned daily.  An additional portable toilet was rented for the season into the fall months.

The season was impacted by a very wet summer which saw over 10 inches of rain in July alone.  The lot was open for an expected busy July 4 weekend but heavy rain literally dampened the day.  

The Beach snack store was opened as scheduled in mid- June still requiring requiring masks and social distancing at the beginning of the season. 

Sticker distribution changed during 2021 as non-residents were mailed their sticker with instructions where to place it on the vehicle.  Residents still reported to the property to obtain stickers and stricter proof of residency requirements were put in place.  This process will be reviewed to see if it can be enhanced in 2022.  No new non-resident stickers were issued during 2021 due to capacity issues that became problematic during the last few seasons.  This may be re-visited in later years.

The Beach again had a dedicated staff for 2021.  The gate crew was very informative and helpful according to our members who were quite appreciative.  There were a number of new life guards including four high school students who filled in nicely for other college bound guards later in the summer.  

Regarding projects for the season, the major improvement for the year was the replacement of the fence that sits atop the West Street wall. This was completed for the opening of the season.  Also, the Board had the parking lot lined to maximize lot space.

Importantly, the Board made the decision to maintain the “Carry In, Carry Out” trash and recycling policy.  This worked very well versus providing trash receptacles as in previous years.  This policy proved popular with the membership and is expected to be in use for future years.  

There was a legal issue that the Corporation encountered regarding use of the Beach’s neighbor’s properties.  Owners of 93, 97, and 101 West Street questioned the right of members “passing and repassing” over their properties when walking to Prides and back.  Beach Attorney Tom Fallon reminded them in writing of a 1909 easement that allows for such use.  

The proprietary web site first established in 2020 continued to be used as a real communications tool.  Also, most members email addresses have been captured and several outgoing messages were sent during the season. The two major data bases were also updated.

Several events cancelled during 2020 were returned this season, namely the kid’s T-shirt contest, and the Labor Day Sunday sand castle contest.  There was no Christmas Tree burning in 2021 due to Covid but this may be reviewed for 2022.

Operationally, seaweed removal was performed throughout the summer which is a major expense but is considered to be justified by the Board and membership.  

The Corporation’s financial condition and reserves remain solid and sound.  After distributing endowment funds to assist with operational expenses in 2020 the market rebounded and the overall fund remains a very strong buffer to any future financial stress. 

The Corporation’s Endowment Fund will continue to be managed by a professional investment firm, Boston Research and Management of Manchester, MA, owned by long time investment professional and Beverly Farms resident, Ray Stecker.  

The Board once again allowed limited members parties during the season which had been stopped in 2020.  This included “Patti’s Party” for a Farms resident to help with medical expenses.

The Beach also donated to several charitable organizations in the area including the Beverly Farms Legion post, Beverly Bootstraps, and the River House/Life Bridge homeless center.

The 2021 season saw a real rebound from the difficulties of the 2020 Covid year.  Going forward the Board will continue to work for all members and beachgoers for their safety and enjoyment and look forward to a great, and successful, 2022.

Respectfully submitted:

The Officers and Directors of West Beach Corporation

If there are questions please send them to:


Mid-August and Labor Day 2021

The Officers and Board of Directors hope you’ve been enjoying the Beach during this rather weather challenged season.

Two events are being planned during the final weeks of the summer.

The Beach will be holding a T-shirt decorating contest for the younger set on Saturday, August 21, from 10 to noon on the veranda of the large bath house. This has always been a fun event and resulted in some interesting and unique shirts!

Additionally, the Sand Castle Contest will be coming back to life. It will be held September 5, the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend with a rain date of Labor Day itself. Registration will be from 10 to noon on the veranda on the 5th. Categories are: Traditional sand castle/ocean; Animals; Cartoon/television; Current events; Patriotic and tribute to the American Spirit; and Horribles – fun and satire. Please bear in mind high tide that day will be 11AM. Don’t let an incoming tide ruin your work! Judging will be completed from 3:30 to 4.

There will also be a DJ on September 5th in the afternoon.

The Beach will officially close on September 6th. Please be reminded that lockers need to cleaned out when the Beach closes.

Remember all trash for remainder of the summer season, and for the entire off-season, will strictly be on a “Carry In, Carry Out” basis. We have had incidents of trash being left on the property. This could result in revocation of Beach privileges for those responsible.

Please check this site for any further news.

If there are questions please send them to:

Thanks for your cooperation and for a great season!!


Summer Season and July 4, 2021

The Beach is now officially open for the 2021 season. All stickers have been issued and will be required for entrance from now until Labor Day, September 6.

There will be no formal 4th of July activities this year. Beach races, the shoreline illumination, and the usual aerial fireworks display will not happen in 2021.

However, the Beach will be open on July 4th with some new regulations. Please do not setup your space the previous evening. You can setup only when the Beach is open. Security will be on site the evening of July 3 and all day on the 4th. People walking in on the 4th will need proof of residency. Please do not bring more than a car load of guests that day.

It is expected there will be a T-shirt painting day for the younger set later this season, probably in mid-August.

Also, please remember all trash for 2021 will strictly be on a “Carry In, Carry Out” basis. We have had incidents of trash being left on the property. This could result in revocation of Beach privileges for those responsible.

There may be additional messages or changes as the season unfolds. Please continue to check this site.

If there are questions please send them to:

Have a great summer beach season!!


Sticker & Opening Information For 2021

The Beach is now in the process of distributing new stickers and establishing opening procedures for the 2021 season.  Stickers will be required to enter the parking lot after June 9 and the Beach will formally open for the season on June 12.  

At this time current non-resident sticker holders are being mailed stickers along with instructions.  

Residents have been mailed an information letter and application.  Absolute proof of residency will be required.  Please click here if you are not sure of the process.  

Residents will be able to pick up stickers on the following dates:
Sundays 5/23 and 6/9 from 10 AM to 12 PM; Wednesdays 5/26, 6/2, and 6/9 from 6 to 8 PM.

Please note that access to the parking lot will not be available unless you are obtaining a sticker until after sticker distribution is completed for those dates.  No vehicles will be allowed to wait on West St.  Please come back at a later time.

All Covid – 19 protocols will be employed such as social distancing and mask wearing in enclosed areas until the authorities state otherwise.   These regulations are expected to be lifted in the days ahead.

Lockers and the two bathhouses are expected to be open and the current plan is for the Beach to be open on the 4th of July.

Please be aware that all trash for 2021 will strictly be on a “Carry In, Carry Out” basis.

There will be additional messages or changes as the season unfolds. Please continue to check this site.

If there are questions please send them to:


Early Spring 2021

The Officers and Directors of West Beach Corp. are now in the process of establishing the procedure of obtaining a parking sticker for the 2021 season.

The process for residents of Beverly Farms/Prides Crossing will be different than in previous years because of the continued Covid threat and to make sticker distribution more efficient.

Residents will be mailed in mid to late April several documents outlining the new process including an overview letter, instruction sheet, and an updated application form.

Current Non-Resident sticker holders will be mailed an application with instructions in early April.

Applications for new non-resident stickers will not be accepted for at least the current year due to capacity issues that have become problematic during the last few seasons.

All Covid – 19 protocols will be employed such as social distancing and mask wearing in enclosed areas until the authorities state otherwise.

Previous messages and notices have been moved to the Archives section of the web site.

There will be additional messages or changes as the year unfolds.

If there are questions please send them to:


FAQ’s for 2020

Will parking stickers be available at the beach?

No. If you need a new or replacement sticker, please email to make your request. You will receive information on obtaining your parking sticker.

Will payments be returned?

Payments/Checks for non-resident parking stickers (P designation on sticker) will be destroyed unless otherwise requested.  For those notifying us that the funds may be accepted as a donation – you have our profound appreciation.

How will walk-in access be managed?

Walk-in access is for Beverly Farms / Prides Crossing residents only who live with-in the West Beach Boundaries established in 1852. Proof of residency is required and will be enforced. Children of residents without formal ID may present a photo of their parent(s) ID as proof residency


West Beach Corporation

Holiday Message

The Officers and Directors of West Beach Corp. would like to take this time to wish all our members a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

We’d also like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this incredibly trying year.

We’re all looking forward to 2021 for many reasons.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to COVID the Beach will not be sponsoring a Christmas Tree burning in January as in past years.  PLEASE DO NOT DISPOSE OF YOUR TREE AT THE BEACH PARKING LOT. 

Again, best wishes for the new year.


September 2020

End of Season:

The West Beach Board of Directors wishes to extend our appreciation for the support and patience offered by our community as we worked to deliver some normalcy and great summertime atmosphere. We extend special gratitude to those making donations toward offsetting operational expenses for this season. For those who would like to provide additional support for West Beach, please use this link to do so.

There was no manual for how to safely operate West Beach for the 2020 Season. The commitment of our community to one another cannot be overstated. It is clear, we are all in this together.

Though our official summer season has come to an end, our commitment to maintaining the safe enjoyment of West Beach has not. The gates will be locked, and remain that way until further notice. Walk-in access remains available; ALL rules for use remain in effect.

The items listed below are modifications to our traditional operations. Existing West Beach rules remain in full effect. Behaviors that put others at risk will not be tolerated.

  • West Beach will open June 15 for members ONLY. (9AM-9PM)
  • Walk-in access will be strictly for Beverly Farms / Prides Crossing residents ONLY. (Residency between 504 Hale St. and the Manchester line. Proof of address required)
  • Re-use 2019 parking permits and usage contract.
    • New residents needing parking stickers can purchase them at a 50% discount. 
    • New residents and those needing replacement stickers should email  for details and contract.
  • Trash/Recycling will be carry-in / carry-out. NO exceptions.
  • Bathhouse lockers will NOT be accessible. We will provide 2 dates, TBD, to remove ALL stored items. Once cleared, the areas will be sanitized and sealed – No Re-entry.
  • Bathhouse restrooms will be available. One person at a time, distancing restrictions and one-way traffic patterns will be implemented.
  • The available parking will be reduced by 50% to start the season.
  • Restrictions will be implemented periodically to avoid crowding. 
  • No circular seating areas due to spacing restrictions. 
  • No shared equipment. Ball games, including but not limited to, volleyball, Kan Jam, spikeball, football, soccer, Kadima, bocce and Frisbee, are not allowed.
  • Increased security protocols will be in use.
  • Beach spacing, group sizing and social distancing guidelines need to be followed, masks covering mouth/nose are suggested to be worn when social distancing is not possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we work our way through this challenging time. The failure to adhere to all rules and policies will result in immediate loss of West Beach privileges. 

The health, safety and wellbeing of our community is paramount.

The West Beach Board of Directors 




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